Search Engine Optimisation Tutorials

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of helping search engines such as Google understand the topic of each page on your website. By doing this search engines will then be more likely to show results from your website to potential customers who are searching for the solutions your business provides.

At EggCup Web Design we perform only "white hat" SEO. That means there are no "shortcuts" or dirty tricks here, just golden nuggets of information to help you get your site in front of your target audience.

The Mobile-Friendly Test — is your website responsive?

An iPhone user taking a photo of graffiti

Learn more about Google’s latest algorithm update, known as ‘Mobilegeddon’. Is your website mobile friendly in Google’s eyes? And does it need to be?

Why can’t I have a links page on my website?

Chain link fence, symbolising hyperlinks.

The links page is dead. And reciprocal links are dead too. However good the offer might seem, however well-intentioned the advice given to you by your friend might’ve been, however well your competitors’ website might seem to be doing, do not under any circumstances create a page full of links. Read on to find out why…