Website Design

How often do you find yourself searching the web when you’re looking for an electrician, a new washing machine, or a great night out?

Quite a lot? That’s perfectly normal these days. It doesn’t make you a geek anymore so don’t worry!

Chances are, your customers are doing the same thing as you – they’ve abandoned paper directories and junk mail flyers in favour of asking search engines what they think instead.

And increasingly, they’re doing this from their mobile phones so it’s not just important to have a website, it’s essential that your website is mobile friendly – or ‘responsive’, as us web geeks like to call it.

Clutter City

We don’t like clutter. It zaps our energy and makes it harder for us to find what we’re after. Sometimes the forest just has too many trees.

We believe in paring website design back down to the basics — your prospects will have specific goals in mind when they reach your site. If they can’t immediately see a way to reach those objectives they will go elsewhere. No second chances.