At EggCup Web Design we eat problems for breakfast!

We help you find your people and make the connections you need to succeed. We believe the best results come from consistently taking small steps day after day, continually improving upon what has gone before.

Every day we’ll move you a step further forward, helping you accumulate long-term competitive advantage.

We’ll help you make your change in the world

You understand that digital marketing is the long-term strategy that underpins your business growth. But you probably struggle to find the time and energy to grow online by yourself and you don’t know who to trust.

With our help you can level up your business and find the time for the things that are most important. Our mission is to help you make your change in the world.

We specialise in building mobile-friendly WordPress websites, from off-the-shelf solutions to bespoke designs and development. But it’s no longer enough to simply have a website, you need to get it in front of the right people too. With our complementary PPC and SEO solutions, we’ve got you covered.

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Maybe you already have a website but it isn’t earning its keep? Or perhaps you’re fashionably late to the party and are looking to get online?

Whatever your needs, we know you have problems you want solutions to. But don’t worry – we eat problems for breakfast!

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Why choose EggCup Web Design?

  • Speak to the same person every time. You’re dealing directly with the person who owns the business, not the work-experience tea-boy/girl
  • We test our websites for compliance with coding standards and accessibility best practice. This makes sure your site can be easily used by the broadest possible audience, including Google.
  • How about a content management system as standard?
  • We’ll code your site with search engine optimisation in mind. Your website architecture will lay the groundwork for successful content marketing campaigns.
  • Did you see that?! Your site will be optimised for speed! We will write lean code, optimise your images and use the latest best practices. Once we’re finished your site will leave scorch marks!
  • We build mobile-friendly responsive websites from the word “go”. Your site will adapt to a variety of different screen sizes. Mobile users won’t have to squint and pinch to see important details – we all know how frustrating that can be!
  • If it sweetens the deal, we’ll even sort you out with a complimentary eggcup.

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