Search Engine Optimisation

There was once a time when you could simply publish your website and people would find it. But those days have long gone!

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the sheer volume of websites out there today makes it difficult to be heard above the crowd. Secondly, search engines have become far more sophisticated in the way that they evaluate web pages.

These two fundamental changes have raised the bar considerably. Nowadays, even just a few mistakes in the technical implementation of your website can spell disaster.

The evolution of search

Recent changes implemented by Google has led some to say SEO is dead. But that’s just a click-bait headline. SEO is evolving — and your website needs to evolve with it.

The days of paying a backstreet SEO ‘consultant’ to build thousands of iffy links back to your website are well and truly over. We’ve never dabbled with the dark side of SEO and we don’t intend to start now.

How can I improve my website’s SEO?

There’s no big secret to SEO (in fact, don’t trust anyone who won’t tell you what they’re planning to do to improve your rankings). Fundamentally, search engines want to recommend high-quality content that’s relevant to what they think their customers are looking for.

After all, would you use a search engine that wasn’t very good at finding what you’re after?

As a website owner, the challenge is to publish a regular stream of high-quality content. This content needs to be focused on answering the questions they’re asking. Great content gets shared and this is what will give your brand the exposure you deserve.

You’ll also need to make sure your site is technically optimised for SEO, so that search engines can make sense of your content. And over on social, you’ll need to be building a conversation around your brand too.

How can we help?

The first step is always to make sure that your site is technically optimised for search. Search engines are becoming smarter by the day. There are many outdated SEO techniques that worked brilliantly a few years ago but that will now see your pages being marked down by search engines.

No matter how much hard work you put into creating great content, if your website code gets up the search engines’ noses your efforts will fall on barren ground.

There may also be errors in your code, and there’s often opportunities to boost SEO by employing cutting-edge web technologies too.

At EggCup Web Design, we generally use the WordPress content management system. This is because it’s well-optimised for search straight out of the box. On top of this, our custom themes allow us to add in our own yolky goodness to help search engines understand your site in a more meaningful way.

Once we’ve brought your site up to date, we can then set to work on creating great content and sharing it with the world. We have experienced copywriters who can rewrite your content to match the needs of your prospects and produce regular blog posts to attract new visitors.

In our team we also have social media experts who are a dab hand at creating buzz around your content and driving visitors back to your site. If needed, we can help you with getting your social platforms set up and integrated with your website.