Terms and Conditions

Here at EggCup we’re in the business of solving problems, not creating them. Our contracts are drawn up to protect the best interests of both parties. That is to say, we intend to use each one as a tool and not a weapon.

We do have full Terms and Conditions which go into more detail about what you can expect from us, and also what we’ll need from you in order to bring your project to life.

We’ve tried our best to steer clear of legalese and technobabble, but contracts are not exactly bedtime reading at the best of times. That’s why we don’t think you’ll want to read through them until you’re sure you want to work with us.

Instead of troubling you with all that, we’ve created an outline of what to expect here.
In brief, these are the general areas covered by our full terms:

  • What we’ll provide
  • What we’ll need from you
  • How to make changes to the brief, and what that might cost
  • How we handle project completion
  • How payments are made
  • How we’ll handle any problems that arise

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. We’re reasonable people and we don’t think our Terms will give you any trouble.

First things first, contact us and we’ll talk things over. This could be the start of another great relationship…