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How did you think of the name “EggCup Web Design”?

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I knew you’d ask that!

The eggcup is a humble invention – unpretentious, yet perfectly adapted for the task in hand. It just gets the job done without making a big fuss.

An eggcup is strong, and designed to support a delicate object. It can be simple in design but can also be beautiful and ornate too.

Instantly usable

Above all else, an eggcup is usable – everybody instantly recognises its purpose. It doesn’t need an instruction manual, it’s a symbol of pure functionality.

And that’s how I like to think of the work we do here at EggCup Web Design. I also love the idea that an everyday object could lend its name to a company that sets out to be so distinct.

That sums up an eggcup perfectly – it has a distinct purpose, and stands apart from all other kitchenalia.

Holding eggs – what else could you possibly use an egg cup for?*

* Seriously, use the contact form to tell me, I’d love to hear your ideas.