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EggCup Web Design has recently joined Buy Local Norfolk. This means we have been certified as a business that is not only truly local to Norfolk, but that also supports other Norfolk businesses too.

What is Buy Local Norfolk?

Buy Local Norfolk is a social enterprise which was set up with the intention of promoting businesses that are based in Norfolk. The ultimate aim is to preserve the unique charm and character of our beautiful county.

Becoming a member is easy, but not as easy as simply paying the membership fee. Prospective members are expected to prove:

  • That their business is headquartered in Norfolk
  • Is majority-owned by Norfolk-based citizens
  • That they buy from other Norfolk-based businesses too

Once your business has been accredited you’ll receive a certificate, and are then encouraged to proudly display the Buy Local Norfolk logo on your premises and marketing materials. This gives other local businesses confidence that they are supporting our local economy by using your services.

Why EggCup joined the cause

As the founder of EggCup Web Design and a life-long resident of Norfolk, it was an easy decision for me to make.

I don’t just want to build a successful business for myself; I want to help make Norfolk a truly great place to do business in, and a wonderful place to live.

Norfolk (and my home town of Norwich) has for a very long time prided itself on its distinctive charm and character. I believe this is at least in part down to our buzzing hive of independent businesses, and the fact that in Norfolk, we always strive to do things a little differently.

I don’t want to chase the multinationals out with a pitchfork — they bring a lot of investment and jobs to the area after all. But I do want to help even out the balance between business big and small. I want to prevent our county from becoming overwhelmed by identikit parades of mass-market retail concessions and out-of-town shopping centres.

Should I join Buy Local Norfolk?

In short, yes. But only if you meet the criteria. The Buy Local directors are unswerving in their insistence upon being able to verify the local-ness of your business. If you think you can pull the wool over their eyes, think again!

Buy Local Norfolk doesn’t exist to provide cheap marketing opportunities to businesses that don’t have the heart to put their words into action. This is not a PR stunt — every member of the group wholeheartedly supports our cause.

Social enterprise for the community

We each own an equal share in the organisation, many of us contribute to running and promoting the group, and even the Buy Local directors pay the same membership fees as everyone else. There are no free rides — we do this for the benefit of our members and the wider community.

Like all Buy Local members, EggCup buys from local suppliers and helps to promote local traders. On top of this we also aim to use our expertise to work with other local businesses to strengthen their web strategies and help make Norfolk companies more competitive, both locally and globally.

Let’s work together to make Norfolk even better!

If you run a local business and would like to see how we could help you make sure your website is earning its keep then I’d love to hear from you.

Why not get in touch? At the very least we can enjoy a friendly chat in a locally-owned coffee shop.