Our manifesto

The Difference is in the Details

  1. No pushy sales pitches. Ever. We’re deadly serious about this one. We can’t stand being subjected to it, and we’d be hypocrites if we used it ourselves. We’re not too fond of hypocrites either.
  2. We win most of our clients through word of mouth, not by spamming your inbox or lavishing huge amounts of money on advertising. We prefer to put the time and effort into building great sites instead. Our motto is simple: “if we don’t do good, we don’t get work”
  3. We know a website is a big investment and it’s not something you might buy every day. We compete on quality and added value rather than price alone.
  4. The benefit of focusing on quality and value means we don’t need to stack our workload sky-high – getting one project right is better than getting five wrong. Steady growth is the key to long-term success.
  5. What drives us forward is a burning desire to make the web a better place for everybody, regardless of their ability or the equipment they use to access the Internet. See our accessibility policy for more information.
  6. We believe in the work we do, and we want to be proud of it. This is why we seek out clients who are passionate about what they do, and committed to long-term goals, just like us.
  7. Our ambition is to become trusted advisors to your company, people who you can run ideas past and get honest, high-quality advice from. This is why we work hard on building solid relationships with our clients.
  8. We share knowledge openly, and are always happy to give advice whether you are one of our clients or not. When we say we want to make the web a better place for everybody, we mean it!
  9. We believe in the personal touch: we prefer meeting with suppliers, partners, and clients face-to-face. That’s why we love working with other companies who are based in Norfolk and the wider East Anglia area.

Think you’d get along well with us? Why not contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting with coffee, cookies, and friendly chat.