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Web designer and PHP developer with 12 years commercial experience. Ian is a WordPress specialist but has also built many websites from scratch, managed a diverse portfolio of commercial websites, and spent time developing new features for a high-profile question and answer website. He is the founder of EggCup Web Design, based in Norwich, UK.

How did you think of the name “EggCup Web Design”?

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I knew you’d ask that! You’d be amazed by how often people ask that question. Wonder no more — read on to find the answer!

How to choose a domain name for your business: a beginners tutorial

Choosing a brand name is difficult enough. But it can be even harder to pick up a domain that encapsulates your brand, is memorable and easy to type, and most importantly — still available! But what hurdles will you need to clear in order to find the right domain name for your business?

How much do your websites cost?

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We prefer to give a straight answer whenever possible, but without a detailed brief it’s simply impossible to say. Sure, we could build you a standard website, and charge you a standard price for it, but we don’t think that’s what’s best for your business. We believe in adding value […]